Panel Update: Video Presentation

We’re pleased to announce that, as part of our upcoming panel, we’ll be screening a video of a presentation by Selma Al-Aswad, which took place at the World Social Forum Free Palestine as part of the Queer Visions Delegation.  Several QuAIA Vancouver members were part of the Queer Visions Delegation and had the pleasure of seeing this presentation in person.  Selma can’t join us in Vancouver this time but has kindly agreed to let us share the video and some updates on anti-pinkwashing work being done in Seattle, including the recent founding of QuAIA Seattle.

SELMA AL-ASWAD is a queer Palestinian based in Seattle, Washington.  As a member of the media collective Reteaching Gender & Sexuality, Selma engages in media making as a way to engage conversations around queer complicity and resistance.  In 2012, she took part in Queer Visions at the World Social Forum: Free Palestine in Porto Alegre, Brazil where she spoke about local efforts to incorporate Palestinian liberation movements into the greater anti-colonial activism in her queer communities.  She is a founding member of QuAIA Seattle and lately can be found learning the quirks of film production.

The video will include English captions.

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